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CaVSA: Key Tutor Success Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions, Comments & Testimonials

The web application will be improved in layout and function to benefit tutors, schools and CaVSA. New features may be added and CaVSA nurtures many ideas to support supplementary schools. Ongoing development of this application is highly dependent on user feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can't I log in ???

Where can I find out more about planning tutorials using the classes page?

User Forum Page

The two purposes for this page are to help the use of the Key Tutor Success Web Application and to allow users to blog with the application developer and other users.

Step 1 Reading FAQs and Comments

Start by having a quick look to see if other users have had your question too.  You can save time if the answer is already posted.

Step 2 Post a Question

Post a question, other users will be able to answer by adding a comment and the application administrator will answer questions once a week on Saturday mornings.

Step 3 Post a Comment

If you know how to answer to another users question, feel free to post a comment to help them. If you would like to praise or criticise the CaVSA: Key Tutor Success web application the input from users will be greatly appreciated.