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About The Web Application

What Pages Do

The People Page is used to manage profiles for students, tutors and schools.

The Classes Page is used to create a lesson plan for group or one-to-one lessons and to send end of lesson reports.

The Reports Page is used to access summary data by schools and CaVSA.  Tutors use the Reports page to write SMS text messages and e-mail to students and their carers.

The About Page provides detailed help for using the web application.

The Contact Page provides contact information for CaVSA and the IT administrator for this application.

The Testimonials Page allows news and questions to be posted for others to read and comment. 

Start Getting Help

Page Layout, the right column of each page has a step-by-step guide to the most used features on the page. help on each pageIn the right column are also the most used buttons for functions on that page as well as links to other helpful pages. The left column has links to 'drill down' through the data presented on the page.


Help Pages

Links on the left of this page direct users to help for each page of the web application.  The aim of the help pages are to guide users through self training in using this web application and to provide a reference to experienced users.

Help Videos

Watch the Key Tutor Success web pages in action with screen casts about what the application does and how to use it. A video about each page of the application provides specific information for functions from logging in to sending SMS text messages for tutors, school administrators and CaVSA.


The Testimonials Page has a forum area where users can read answers to frequently asked questions and post new questions to be answered by the application administrator and other users. 

1. Each web page has a short step-by-step guide in the right column of the page with useful links.

If further assistance is required then follow these steps:

2. Select the page that further information is required about.

On the far left of this page a more in-depth guide is provided here in the about pages, which includes guidance how this application helps planning lessons and monitoring progress.

3. Watch video.

A short video is provided for each page of the web application that shows how each page is used.

4. Post a question or comment.

You can read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or ask a new question.


5. Contact the application administrator.

Contact Administrator